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Thank you for visiting this website, and for your interest in the first circumnavigation. I hope you liked it, or found it useful.


My name is Tomás Mazón Serrano, and I am the author behind these texts. It took me months of hard work, undertaken during my spare time from my actual job, which has nothing to do with the website -I'm an engineer in a construction company-.

The main premise of the webpage and of the map of the journey is to be loyal to reality- or the documented reality, to be more precise. It is a matter of respect, both to those we refer to, and to those of you that are reading it. Although this expedition caused admiration since the beginning, and therefore much has been written about it, I tried to document it only from original sources, trying to prevent my vision of what happened and how it happened from being distorted. It is based solely on the written documents left by the main characters and their co-protagonists, which are many, fortunately.


Tomás Mazón

@ e-mail


The story and the vision of some historical events narrated by a historian, to which I aspire to have been able and known to approach, must be aseptic, free of prejudices and value judgments. From it, each one will be able to forge the idea of ​​what happened and how it happened, with the guarantee that it does so with a solid base of documented facts. This is the goal.


Once that base is acquired, I invite you to put yourself in the shoes of those people in the trances that are told here and to unleash the imagination about the emotions that our sailors undoubtedly had to feel. The joy when discovering the Strait of Magellan, the despair when seeing so many companions die without knowing if oneself will be the next, or the illusion to arrive and for the glory of being the first to go around the world, are surely facts as real as those documented, but it is up to you to know how to appreciate them between the lines to forge a richer and more complete vision of what happened.


I recognise how hard it is to be completely objective when one talks about this journey. Although I try to stick to the documented facts, I cannot, and I do not want to, hide how much I admire those men, an admiration that has grown the more I have read about them and what they did.

I am passionate about all that is related to the epic expedition that first circumnavigated the world, and I would appreciate any comments, corrections or petitions you wish to do through my email. I invite you to participate in the social media profiles, in which we continue to disseminate the journey of these men.

From June 2019, an English version of this site is available. This has been possible thanks to Eduardo Castillo, one of the readers of the webpage, who emailed me to offer, in an altruistic manner, the translation of all of the texts. Eduardo, to whom I am very grateful for his generosity, he is an enthusiastic in Spanish naval history. He is also an engineer, and lives in Jakarta (Indonesia).

Supporting Eduardo with the texts in English, Clara Panella has provided an excellent contribution translating and editing the texts from the Spanish version.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you who made the investigation and dissemination of this trip a continuous source of satisfaction.


Eduardo Castillo

@ e-mail

I recognize that it is not easy to be completely objective when dealing with this journey. Although in this work I try to stick to the documented facts, I cannot, nor do I want to, hide the deep admiration I feel towards these men, which has increased the more I have learned about them and what they did.


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