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The crew


Firms of the several crew members that are included in different documents: Juan Sebastián del Cano, Juan Rodríguez de Mafra, Fernando de Magallanes, Vasco Gallego, Juan Rodríguez Serrano, Antón Colmenero, Gómez Hernández, Andrés de San Martín, Juan de Acurio, Miguel de Rodas, Hernando de Bustamante, Ocacio Alonso, Juan de Campos, Martín Méndez, Miguel de Rodas (different person), and Juan de Zubileta.

When reading about this expedition, one can immediately see that there is no consensus on the number of people that participated in it. This is partly due to the fact that different documents that have survived over time provide a number of crew members. And although this should be enough to settle the debate, the result is actually the opposite, since all of these documents are not coherent among them, and all provide different figures.

My personal study finds that there were 247 expeditionaries, maybe someone less. 4 people embarked and 1 disembarked in Tenerife, and although these numbers are not always taken into account, they are fundamental. I also found two names in the list of deceased crew members that were not among those that initially embarked, plus one more that was in the list of those that returned with the San Antonio and obtained a salary, but who actually died during the trip, and who is not included in any other list.

In addition to the data shown in the following graphs, I have added to the map of the route the place and time of the decease of each of the members of the crew. This information can be seen by clicking on the position mark of the days it happened.



Grafico Vivos.png



Location of the place where each of the deceased crew members died
To download the .kml file and view in Google Earth, please click here.
Tripulantes expedición magallanes elcano
tripulantes expedición magallanes elcano
Name, position, origin, and destination of each of the crew members (only in Spanish)
Name, position, origin, and destination of each of the crew members (only in Spanish)
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